The 21st Century T-Rex
The 21st Century T-Rex  business stories

kelvo_quorolana Writing for chocolate
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Dinosaurs are dead but are we sure we don't have any humans that share characteristics with them?

The 21st Century T-Rex

Prowling through the concrete jungle, he was looking for his next prey. He swivelled his head around to take an account of his surroundings before going in for the kill.

There was a velociraptor standing alone, its body weak and fragile, trembling with fear at being away from the pack.

His eyes constantly glancing, going left and right. Moving like a pendulum as if his pack were going to emerge from the bushes.

The T-Rex could smell the nervousness rolling of him in waves. He would make a tasty snack, filled with nervous energy and newly-acquired university knowledge.

The T-Rex approached him cautiously, hooded in a black coat to hide his short-comings from the world.

The coat was necessary after all there is no use being able to detect and use other people's weaknesses if you wear yours on your sleeve.

His crippled hands were his weakness and he knew that but he had built his mouth up to overcome that. His mouth was what laid the damaging blows.

Everyone had heard that a tongue was sharper then a blade but he was the living evidence of it.

Using it multiple times in the past to force his opponent to give up even before starting the fight. He knew that this would be an easy victory. But he knew better then to underestimate his opponent.

And so as he walked away with him that night the T-rex spun in his victim's ear the possibilities of a brighter future.

One where he would live luxuriously but one that was as false as the smile on the T-rex's face.

It was only then that the T-rex allowed himself to think of the future that this man was going to give him and he salivated with the mere thought.

But this wasn't the saliva of a meal-hungry dinosaur. No. The T-rex wasn't like the other ones, that had gone extinct, he was much smarter.

He knew that the prey could be used for much more things then to satiate his hunger.

After all he was the 21st century T-rex.

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