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kelvo_quorolana Writing for chocolate
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Why do we cry?


Why do we cry?

Is it to forget what we did yesterday

Or is to forget what we have to do tomorrow

I never knew...

And so I asked around me

Many people said that crying is an act of cleansing

But is pouring the dirt inside of you all over yourself cleaning?

Others said that you cry when you need attention

But then why do you breakdown when you are alone

Some said that people cry when they are sad

But I once lost my all and didn't shed a tear

Does that mean I was not sad?

And as I was searching for answers I met a man

He smiled at me and said that people cry when they don't have words.

I was quite confused when I heard this.

"Words for what?", I asked as my voice dripped with innocence

"Emotions", the person said as he disappeared into the surroundings

For my entire life I never found out what he meant.

That was until I met you.

And my tears stained the ring as you wore it on my hand in the morning

and the coffin that carried you on your last journey at night

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