Kingdom of Flames: Chapter 1
Kingdom of Flames:
Chapter 1  kof stories

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Chapter 1 of the Kingdom of flames.

Rose Maryland is an orphan whose only family are her friends and the only adventure that she seeks is in books. So why has the king called her?

Kingdom of Flames: Chapter 1

The Beginning


The alarm screeched in my ear as the sun rose at the horizon. My eyes flew open, and I wasn’t exactly a sight to behold.

Frizzed up hair, drool sticking to my mouth last but not the least a grumpy face.

But fortunately for you guys that is not how students at Versailles work.

From a young age itself, we are discouraged from using any clock. All the mentors here have a common saying, “No better clock than your body clock”.

This practice is to prepare us to work in even Kaalistan where even Authencia’s state of the art technology fails to work due to the presence of a unique magnet.

An accurate body clock is also particularly useful when you have been staying up late reading on *cough* Commaful *cough*,

and you have a fitness test the next day with Versailles’ version of Umbridge.

Anyways, I am usually up by 5 in the morning, to read a few pages, wash up and then head for the field to see the blue Authencia sunrise over the mountains.

The view never fails to take my breath away. The crystal clear skies mingle with the icy rays of the sun as it shyly appears from behind the snow-tipped mountains.

Admiring the sunrise was an activity that I used to do with my mother and continue to do because the sun is the only reminder I have left of her,

the only reminder that has survived the ravaging effects of time.

In a way it is the perfect reminder also because she was just like it, warm and loving like its heat, eccentric and fierce just like its dazzling blue shade, and much like the Sun,

she would also rise every morning with a smile on her face no matter what problems she was facing.

But before I continue I should introduce myself. I am Rose, Rose Maryland.

Now you must be wondering how does this Rose look?

Well, I am 5’4”, have brown skin(and I love it), hair the same colour as the night sky (yes I dyed it and yes it was a dare, but I adore it) and eyes that are brown,

unless I am wearing contact lenses.

Right now I am heading to the cafeteria for my morning dose of goodness. Food. You see since the school has a lot of members of the royalty the food here is multi-cuisine.

Let’s make this easier to imagine shall we, air-conditioned room facing the magnificent skyline of Authencia, leather chairs and the food…I don’t have enough words to describe it.

One side of the 14 feet table is filled with staple dishes of Authencia, the other with dishes from smaller regions like Kaalistan, Memoir and Atentamente.

The smell of it all is enough to wake a person up from even coma.

Sadly, before I can proceed to fill my self with all this heavenly food Violet interrupts me, and when she interrupts me in the morning, it usually means business.

Before I proceed to ask her what the problem is let me give you a rough sketch of her. Well, she has blue eyes, blonde hair and is two inches shorter than me.

She is that goody two shoes who just happens to excel in everything, socialising included.

“What happened? Oh, wait let me guess it happened again?” Violet hesitated, and that is when I knew that I had hit the bull’s eye.

Before she could open her mouth my feet were already gliding along the floor as I hurried towards the disaster-stricken area with a worried Violet at my footsteps.

“How bad is it?”,  I asked hesitantly, not that this information was going to help me in any way. 

  “Well it’s not that bad, but you know how she gets when it happens." Violet replied in her optimistic tone although we both knew that there was nothing good about this situation.

Before I go on with the conversation of just how bad the disaster is, let me fill in the blanks for you.

You see I have a friend whose name is, Ik Weet Het Niet,(in dutch her name means I don't know however in her language it implies ray of hope)

But we decided to call her Hope no matter what her actual name is.

Aside from this, there is something that you need to know about my friend.

She has quite the temper, and when you add that to the fact that she is an ace sword wielder, well things aren’t so bright and sunny anymore.

As soon as we opened the door to her dorm room, the sight was something that glued me to the floor.

The entire place was covered with balloons, streamers and ribbons all in my favourite colour blue.

On a table to the far left a vase filled with a mixture of lilies and hydrangeas, their sweet smell spreading throughout the room much like the smile that was growing on my face.

“Happy Birthday Ro!” Screamed four people all from different parts of the room, the four people who were the closest to me in my life.

“You didn’t think we forgot your birthday?”, said Hope in her high pitched voice as she and Violet gave me a big hug before I could even say anything, “No but I had.”, I replied

As I said that they parted to reveal Sebastian standing behind them with my favourite butterscotch and chocolate flavoured cake.

“Hey even I helped”, and while saying this he handed me a knife “Cut it fast looking at it for so long has made me hungry,” he says while rubbing his stomach and then proceeding to fix his glasses.

Sebastian was 6’2 he had brown hair and emerald eyes and he like me was another orphan who had been taken in by Versailles after seeing not just his intelligence but also the passion he has

for Authencia. They weren’t wrong though, he was one of the sharpest in our batch, acing just about all subjects except one martial art, he is just too much of a softy to be able to hurt anyone.

“Thank you so much. All of you.”, I replied choking up as I looked at what all they have done for me. “You haven’t even seen the best part yet. We all got you gifts."

Said Violet the ever chirpy girl handing me a gift box. I gingerly lifted the lid to see what was inside when suddenly there was a knock on the door.

“You continue Ro, and I will go check who it is,” he said walking towards the door and opening it to reveal Umbridge standing there.

" Ms. Maryland the you have been summoned by the king."

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