The Grocery List
The Grocery List  everydayisahappyday stories

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Did you get everything?

The Grocery List

1. Salt - To help you savour the good and bad in life

2. Milk - To remind you that even the darkest times can be brightened with a splash of happiness

3. Sugar - To remind you that you deserve happiness but also to warn you that anything in excess is bad

4. Bread - You need constants in life, but that constant support can be yourself

5. Soap - Sometimes you have to cleanse things, other people’s mouth included

6. Tissue papers - Not just to wipe your tears, but also to wipe away any blood stains that might have remained after killing the person who caused those tears

7. Spice - Enough of the bland monotonous life. Step outside and jump of the cliff and into the waterfall.

8. Socks - Not to wear under those spiky shoes, but to wear and slide across the floor. Laugh when you have the time, don’t wait for an opportunity, make the opportunity yourself.

9. Eggs - To crack on those expectations that are to high for you and that have cracked you open.

10. Chocolate - Cause why not?

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