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no does not equal yes.
silence does not equal yes.
yes means yes only.

changing faces

As yet another set of eyes survey you, moving slowly up & down

a raise of his eyebrows and a bite of his lip

you pause to consider this...

do you feel flattered? wanted? pretty?

Is this what you want?

but as you close your eyes to think

a faceless man is on top of you

he feels so heavy on your body

sweat and cheap cologne

he'll force his way in even if there's no room

and he won't ask if you want it, cause he doesn't want the answer

so you'll listen to the tick of the ceiling fan, to the muffled television voices, to cars passing by outside

to anything but those graveling grunts

as you wait for it to be over

Because somewhere along the way,

You stopped trying, stopped fighting

there seemed to be no point anymore

his face kept changing, and you got confused

you hold in tears of pain, as he finally rolls off you

but at least now you can breathe again

"you good?" how kind of him to ask

now that he has what he wants

so you'll nod your head yes, and that's enough for him

Because who let it happen? Who is the one who gave up?

Who's to blame?

Now your eyes snap open, with a shudder of disgust

you don't feel flattered, wanted, pretty

you feel used up and discarded

No, my dear

I do not think this is what you want

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