You wanted the truth
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kelseywoodsanxiety & flowers /
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You wanted the truth

by kelseywoods

This is on you

Forgetting the late night talks Everlasting secret keeping The trust of young friends with their lives ahead of them Taking on the world Together Respecting each other No longer

Where my heart feels heavy with the reflection of memories

Its like the story I told you about From when I was younger Where my best friend Wrote me a note And slipped it into my backpack after class Telling me to kill myself

And I ran back to her

Thinking I had done something wrong That I had been the breaking point My stupidity and ugliness making her dislike me I still remember How she laughed in my face

Now when I look at you, I hear the laughter again

I feel the heartbreak of a 12 year old girl Who wishes she was dead So naive and foolish To think that she could possibly have a friend in this world

I am her once more, scared little girl

Shaking in her boots Hugging her books tight as she wanders the halls Crying in the bathroom stall Looking in the mirror "I hate you" Feeling the words drip like acid from her lip

You keep saying you want truth

This is your truth This is my truth Something so long avoided That is becomes like a sore You can only hide it for so long Before the pain overwhelms everything And you feel the peace Fall

If this pains you, then maybe it's finally getting across

Or maybe It never will

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bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller,
9 months agoReply
This is one of the most powerful pieces I have read. It is heart wrenching Was this a personal catharsis? This had a punch in the gut impact. If this was autobiographical, please talk to me. Nobody deserves the kind of treatment exhibited by these tormentors. You are not the sum of what people tell you that you are. This was obviously a very well written piece. Great job!!!