Those things we hide
Those things we hide fear stories
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kelseywoods uncomfortable poet
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A study in self-loathing and fear of rebirth and renewal

Those things we hide

by kelseywoods

I am at once unsure of who I am

With my eyes wandering the vast plain before me My whole life ahead of me Without trajectory Without reason for my prose Do I write for myself? Or who I once was?

She used to me so kind

She was caring and openhearted Niave, or course But kind She was I I was her And everything felt as though That was how it was meant to be

But then the feeling kicks in again

The hum in your chest That turns into a roar And suddenly Your fingers are bleeding From trying to claw your way out Of this premature burial Of past self

I hear the bell ring from under the grave

She's still kicking She's screaming She wants out To come back Yet I walk away For her time is done And I must move on Without that piece of my soul Who I held so dear

I feel her sometimes, coming back in mere whispers

She despises me now She wraps her hands around my neck Kicking me in my sleep Because she knows what will never be again So she whispers in my ear And another part begins to die

Death reincarnate, enemy of rebirth

The fear of life is pointless But her I am Fearing for the death of another part Of my soul

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