manic mourning
manic mourning poetry stories
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kelseywoods uncomfortable poet
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my uncle died last night and I've been mourning in a state of manic depression

manic mourning

today I pulled my car off the road and I screamed at the sky

I screamed and I screamed

my hands gripping the wheel

pearly white

like the gates

my mother keeps telling me about them

keeps saying I should think about them

so they keep going

going through my head

like music

chords of the guitars, but

too loud

in the gym of an elementary school;

a makeshift church;


breathing heavily I backed up and

I ran into the only other car in our driveway

while trying to pull out of the garage

the rain beating down on the roof of my car

or was it the tears on my face

the storm clouds in my eyes

as my dad runs out of the house

in his

sleep shorts

t shirt (stained with sleep)

he yells

and there I am

beside your beside

once again

in the hospital

where my aunt is asleep by your side, finally

as the lights dim

did you know you died last night?

because I do

and now I don't know what to do

how am I supposed to?

god cannot hear me now

my screams in my car

god cannot hear my shaking breaths nor

the rain pounding against the roof

I turn the music as loud as it will go

"burial!" the speakers scream! "look at what you've done to me!"

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