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A poem inspired by someone who makes me think of sweet flowers and honey


by kelseywoods

You wrap me in a longing embrace, your warmth overwhelming

You taste of honey and you kiss me and tell me of the nights you bloomed only to wilt You taste of sun and moon and of the times I've seen your blossom flower and grow Ever wilting, my love

Bless me with the sweet blessing of your bloom, overflow me

Tell me how you will love me eternally Tell me of the ways you will make me your own, wrapped around me in a field of wildflowers Wrapping your twistng vines around the cage of my heart

Bind me by your roots and claim me as your own

Keep me in the garden of your love and plant me beside your own soul Desire my touch and allow me just a taste of the sweet essence of yourself Love of my heart, love of my soul

Love of my heart, love of my soul

Crush my petals and make me whole Make me one of your own and let me sit in the garden beside your flowering height Writing poem upon poem of your worth, my honeyblossom Sweet taste of honey

My honeyblossom, be mine

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shutupgeWords are just words.
a year agoReply
So sweet.

bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller, tomthepo8.com
a year agoReply
This was sweet without being cloying. The meter of the poem was an exquisite flow of melodious words. This was a love poem on the level of Elizabeth Barret Browning. I get the message. It was love, right? Great poem!!!!! Never stop loving that strong!