Build Me Up From Bones
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Things hurt

Build Me Up From Bones

by kelseywoods

My heart is hammering and jittering within my chest

I can feel the earth move beneath my feet The world wants to kill me I breathe in and the air scortches my lungs Forgotten pain that will not let me forget Those imaginary sins

Calm my quakes and ease the tension in my skin

Let me feel something again Something which does not make me wish my heart would cave in Let me believe that I am worth Something

Do not hold me, do not strengthen the cracks in my exterior

Hold me at a distance Tell me the things I do not believe, that I once did Create something within me that has no chance of leaving me again Do not let another soul hurt me Stay

Kill me once more, like they all have

Stab the knife between my sholder blades Tell me it's because you love me

Pretend that something worthwhile can last

Tell me you'll never hurt me That the nightmares that plague my mind are impossible That you love me Tell me you love me Love me

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bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller,
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Wow, this was intensely painful. The pleading and begging from this broken soul brought on anguished empathy from this reader. The arrangement of your verses marvelously enters this plea. Great job!!!!!