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kelseywoods uncomfortable poet
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All I feel is a simple color


by kelseywoods

We learn to associate colors with certain emotions

Our brains are wired this way Imperfect design In which we begin to associate the neutral With emotion Feeling Only by prose can we declare Our assimilation within these colored walls

You find yourself dying within shades of blue

Unsure why these colors are what sparks this decline Why they must always be of the same, beguiling hue That suffocates you softly Pushing you back into the curve of your bed

You miss the solidarity of rainbows

Back when the world was three deminisonal Not stuck within this mindless repitition Wherein you feel your mind Your soul Crumbling away before you Watching it drift away Like the open sea

Nothing is left untouched by the waves of azure

The faces that pass before you Once bright Now dulled Cloaked in shadowy navy How fitting How the word is awash with sadness Blanketed by cerulean Towards the end

How did you get here? Awash with the color of tears?

Trapped in Deep Dark Blue


Everything is fading away Vision blurred Thrashing So violently Not wanting to fade away Into the monochrome Eclipsing you But failing Failing Gone Into the blue

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