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kelseywoods uncomfortable poet
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The battle between perceived self and true self


by kelseywoods

The hunger is a grasping, harrowing beast

To be on the outside looking in At my own life Simply an observer to the days that pass before me Never to participate in the life I claim to live

It kills me to know these simple things

That I will never amount to what I long to be What they think I am Who I am supposed to be I cannot ever bear to hear my name anymore Spoken upon the lips of those who want more from me

The beast claws at my ribs, deflates my lungs

No one will ever know about it It will remain hidden within me This person who I truly am So I resign myself to the shadows Observing, never intervening

Scratching and pounding

I would rather let it destroy me than release it It is what I deserve This painful reminder of what I am And who I cannot be

It hungers for the outside world

Thirsts for the approval of them Of them all But it will never get it Neither shall I Therefore, never shall we

It spits at me, screams

"You are more worthless than you know"

Believe me, I already know

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