We were stars once
We were stars once poetry stories

kellydenairuich it's okay to feel everything so deeply❤️
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A Series.

We were stars once

A long time ago, the sky was our home, you were the void between the stars, and I, your moon,

I wish I could've seen, how in astonishment, as if you'd never seen anyone like me before, you gazed upon me, although surrounded by stars, but I never noticed,

I couldn't help but stare, at those whom inhabit planet Earth, many times I was discouraged, an unwitting witness to rage, war, and sorrow, in those moments, how I wished I could turn away, and I couldn't bear anymore,

As I was about to close my eyes for good, there they stood, two people hypnotized, by what they saw, they kissed, persevered, Despite the circumstances,

It gave me life, joy, and how I dreamt, and pleaded, For the same to happen to me,

so I wept, rivers threatening to wreak havoc, if I must accept the bitter reality, that never could be,

at that moment, a bright flash, a shooting star, a desperate wish,

and decended, down into this cursed place, wondering if I could be so lucky, to simply get a taste, of what I had seen from above, or so I hoped.

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