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kellydenairuich it's okay to feel everything so deeply❤️
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I wrote this a while ago but never posted it.


A heart, beating, echoing in the dark, thinly veiled fears rising to the surface, threatening to break the deafening silence she willingly brought upon herself.

Nothing at all, is better, than the agony awaiting, just past the numbness. But a heart. It beats. His heart beats with such vigor and purpose it breaks the barrier she carefully constructed.

Beconing her. She begs to be left alone, painful memories breaching her barricades, reminding her of the pain. From the last time she played. The last time she begged someone to stay.

Please, go. She won't survive again if it ends the same. A mouse running from this sick masochistic game.

Softly, subtly, the beating grows stronger. More insistent. Refusing to be ignored

That's when she notices. The beats sound like notes. A song sung just for her. A steady rhythm.

I. Won't. Leave. You. Oh, there. you. are. I. have. missed. you.

It must be a trick. Or slight of hand. Some kind of cruel illusion. Could this be reality?

She wanted it to be real Desperately. To have found her soulmate. The only person that could make her feel after years of being numb

She longed to stop searching, to stop bleeding, to stop hurting, for all the wrong souls, Every attempt, riddled her with holes, leaving her in only bits and pieces

then she opened her eyes. Slate grey and gunmetal moss stare into her core Drinking her in, possessively, pensively, sensually, And knew

home isn't a place, but a person, And she had finally found Hers.

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