Moral Duality
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kellydenairuich it's okay to feel everything so deeply❤️
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A collaboration with @grunderground. A piece about duality. He started the poem, and our stanzas alternate per slide.(I.E. The first slide is him, then the next slide me, then him, etc.)

Moral Duality

Light and dark, sea and terra firma, my existence, my eternal oblivion,

Waves crashing, the moon controlling, the internal conflict between right and wrong,

A cacophony of intrinsic and suggested morality, deafening and confusing, like staring at the sun from dark shadows,

Two sides of the same coin, the passion and desire, consume, while battling seductive demons, begging to sin, give into the whispers dressed in lies, only to be denied,

I am comforted knowing myself, but horrified, terrified, frozen in time, and space knowing my true self,

Knowing I am only to blame, but still the memories linger, residing inside the hole at them bottom of my soul,

Still I battle, battle myself, embracing the shards of good in my heart and lusting ever for the rotten. It makes no matter, right or wrong, reckless impulse in the moment is the only me I know,

Waging war within myself, yet only I feel its wrath, if it does not soon come to an end, it may mean, death, of me, or who I made you believe I was,

But don't stop, I wont stop. Embrace bitterly my conflicted duality.

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