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kellydenairuich it's okay to feel everything so deeply❤️
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Do you care, or are you just curious?

Just a Habit

Do you care, or are you just curious? Do you care about me, or are you just used to me being there? Have I become just a habit?

Something you just do with out questioning it, another part of your monotonous routine? Or do I mean more to you than that? Give me something, any kind of indication, that you care about me.

The little things you do, like kissing my forehead, holding my hand, squeezing my leg, they're not enough anymore. You hardly convey any kind of emotion, let alone affection. And I'm starving.

All I want is your love, I crave it so completely, that it consumes me, and my every thought.

What are you trying to get at? Are you playing games with me? is this a game; whoever falls in love first, loses? Because darling, I've already lost.

It seems that you only talk to me when you want something, or whenever you feel like it. You can't just fade in and out of my life at your every whim, either you stay, or you leave for good.

I can't handle this constant fluctuation, my heart is battered as it is. So if you leave, please don't stay in my heart.

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