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kellydenairuich it's okay to feel everything so deeply❤️
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You told me it was for the best. But I was better off with out you. (18+swearing)


The worst part was you said you would forget me. I'd be the only one to recall the brand your lips Left on mine

and how your soul seeped into my heart your tortured expression, at the mere thought of walking away, your death grip on my shoulder, trembling violently, sobbing, silently fighting the desire to fall to pieces

Even the sight of you cut into my raw wounds, hindering any healing, papercuts lined my ribs, waiting for the acidic sting of your presence, suffocating in isolation,

agony. I could physically feel you forgetting me. A clean break would be, "Best", the "easiest, to heal from", For you

Avoiding every route we'd take together, hiding, except the rare moments when we did run into each other, Glazed eyes passed over me, I didn’t even exist you never loved me

Scar tissue one-sided memories A F R A I D To remember T E R R I F I E D To forget.

It's been years since then. But, Two years ago, you messaged me only to reopen my still stinging scars, time spent, sleepless nights toiling to heal, gone, To "apologize" for what you did

all to clear your own conscience Your apology wasn't for me, you were sorry for yourself

Unable to truly love someone else, until you made peace with yourself, with the Hell, You put me through

The hardest part was receiving your apology, and realizing. you didn’t forget a damn thing.

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