Breaking Point
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kellydenairuich it's okay to feel everything so deeply❤️
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Cutting ties with a toxic person.

Breaking Point

How easy it should be,

to cut the string,

to choose freedom,

Laden with Stockholm,

bloated with false fallacies,

unable and unwilling

to cut the cord

carefully constructed to ensnare

prey inside his lair,

Choking on unspoken words,

a million different reasons,

different times true colors

bled through

false pretenses,

The most fantastic facade

feigned falsetto

to entice my bittersweet melody,

to gut me, to devour my soul

to feed his empty black hole,

How to forget every last lie?

to block out this,


mistakenly placed on me

How to say goodbye,

without searing pain and desperate cries,

pathetic excuses fallen on deaf ears

Why do we

watch ourselves get hurt,

again and again

because of the person on

the other end

of the knife?

As he turns to inspect his weapon,

I stab him in the chest,

with a shard from my shattered heart,

and lean close to whisper in his ear,

"Love does not invoke fear."

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