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keishima chat me or Yaoi Rp with me id mind 😄
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Poetry to me is anything... It can be a sinful thing or the most blessed.


Poetry to me is anything...

It can be a sinful thing or the most blessed.

For me its a mixture of confussion, sadness, happiness, and even some with Just all in.

But hey who am I the one to judge? Oh I am allowed to.

I can judge and I can picture it from a blissful story to a critical disaster artist trying to find his or her's master piece! or to a heartfull song.

Poetry can be described as anything and its in everything, Writing, songs, arts, movements, and nature all around.

I'm not good at poetry but I do know that poetry dosen't have to ryhem nor does it have to have a meaning. Its the readers who have to figure it out ir have their options on.

More options, More options.

How do you picture eger allan poe? How do you read it? how do you sense his meanings in one poem of a Tall tale heart?

I picture it as a...And nor can I say what i picture it as. You may seem confussed from what i said as (I picture it as a...

) cause if I told my thoughts people may seem confuessed and say "that isn't what its about!" see? poetry is sometimes confussing but, it is only confussing when someone else has an option on it.

Now I know that wounder why? why is he not writing a poem? Not making a loving story? why is he just saying something like this? Ha...

Is it not you that has to be looking at what i'm saying? why arn't you just not reading it? Does it really matter? yes, no? How do you see this from what I wrote?

Don't try to read every word left to right, up and down or backwords. Just visualize what you have read at first make up what you think its about not what others think.

Poetry is a vision of something and that something can be writen, it can be painted and it can be sung. So what do you think poetry is to you? is it a happy one? a sad one? or a dreadful one?

Haha this may not be poems I am writing about but it does question and I still ask what is it to you? to me its a painting in the mind.

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