Discrimanation: My enemy
Discrimanation: My enemy intelligent-change stories

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This story is about how i wanna change the world

Discrimanation: My enemy

I don't understand why black people have to suffer for no reason. Discrimanation is why 12 year old tamir rice was shot and killed.

Discrimanation is why 4 people were killed in a car by ethan couch. My aunts friend lost her niece on new years because people were shooting in the air and killed her.

Cameron tillman was killed too. What did we do to deserve this? Nobody has a single clue. Nobody in the world knows why white people judge us. But when we are mad we start a riot.

No dont start a riot stand up riots make people go to jail or worse get hurt. White people dont have the right to take control over us.

I cant even take my smaller siblings outside because the mexicans at the apartment complex we live at come out and judge us and stare at us. Life may not be easy but it sure aint hard.MAGA (Make america great again)

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