The World of Hate By:Keiasade
The World of Hate 

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Want a world of peace

The World of Hate By:Keiasade

The world is full of hate, A mistake is considered a disgrace young or old is feels as a weight , you get hate for the color of your skin or even what you believe in. gay, straight , long hair ,short hair , why does anyone even care.

Is it because you have something they don’t or is it something they want. cut us open we all bleed red yet we still can’t get that through our head short or tall eventually we all fall Hate still stands like a brick wall, you hate me now and love me later, the feelings are like a elevator.

They talk down to make you insecure but in reality we just want to be pure, do they hate the way we walk or is it just the way we talk it’s time we take a stand and it starts with helping hands don’t let the hate phase you because later they will praise you, let it go in one ear and out the other sort of like you do with your mother .

Walk with your head held high and let your inner confidence fly when you show you don’t care , there should be no reason for them to still be there . the hate is gone, the hate was raised now it’s time to put on our capes and erase all the hate.

After all it is the trend that everyone follows whatever she posts we all seem to swallow So we are back to reality the world is so full of hate , a mistake is a disgrace .

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