What a Geek Girl wants
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Every geek girl wants something special but the question is what and why?

What a Geek Girl wants

by keeles16

Just me

My definition of a geek girl is someone who is hidden behind everyone. She is the educated person everyone goes to for help with their work which she willingly gives along with the praises

But her fear to show her true self is shadowed, likes, dislikes or even how to make her smile hides within

Sometimes she is so overlooked that being invited parties is never on her to-do list.


As a geek girl myself I know what it feels like to not feel loved by the people who are supposed to love you.

Love is such a big stepping stone because she wants to know that the person whom she gives her heart too loves her with all his might and doesn't treat her as any less of a woman than she is.

From experience I can say that being this high achiever and living up to the good life your parents set for you can get a little over bearing and frustrating

Be that boy that changes her mind about love. Show her love from a new perspective. The little things you do like talking to her when she's sad or calling her when you are just thinking about her

What is Happiness? Well for a nerd or geek girl it's the feeling you get when you know that all of everything is going fine and the people you share it with make your life even happier than ever

You must admit that geek girls take charge of their own lives, destinies and romantic pursuits

But sometimes just sometimes they need someone to share their destinies and passions with, that's where you guys come in because it is you who hold the power

You can either change it for the best or for the worst which I wouldn't expect you to break her heart


True happiness comes from the heart, body and soul. Geek girls are not often given this option to true happiness with a partner because they are viewed as not companion material

Every girl wants that fashion fairytale life with the one they love and whether it be a geek girl, ordinary girl, hidden girl or popular girl they all deserve one thing "TRUE HAPPINESS"


Romance is how we show love, adventure and excitement in any relationship. It's the quality of feeling and imagination you feel for someone else.

A geek girl wants pure romance, she wants to know that you can be funny, adventurous and do cheesy things all at the same time. Taking her to candle light dinners and Sunday afternoon picnics

Romance is not all about kissing and hugging although these things matter it must come from your heart and soul. Geek girls don't just need the easy come, easy go sort of thing in romance

But honestly there is a point in life when a girl feels like every time she gets close to someone and is about to love something out there just says "geek girl is about to be love, go get her"

"A geek girl would unconditionally love someone who saw her when she was invisible"

Undivided Attention

Every girl wants to know that she's the only girl in your world not only geek girls. She wants to feel like you really adore her and beyond your entire busy schedule a minute is set just for her

Many times she wants to call or text you but she feels as if she might bother you but you need to reassure her that that's not the case and she can call you anytime.

Tell her how much you love her voice and you know she loves to hear yours too. Video chat with her when you guys can't meet up or go out.

Don't just do these things because you have to or because you want her to smile, do it because you want to and it makes you happy. And when you're happy she'll be happy too.

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