Loving you. By K.D. Sky
Loving you.

By K.D. Sky love stories

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A love letter for Him.

Loving you. By K.D. Sky

Loving you is like breath, just something I must do to keep living. It seems so simple so soft, the sweet movements of you sweeping through my body keeping my blood pumping.

Loving you is like gravity the only thing keeping me attached to a world so ugly and impure, just the thought of your hazel eyes to help me forget that evil is even a possibility.

Loving you such an incredible gift I cannot even begin to return, not knowing how all I can do is to love you.

Loving you with every beat of my heart, every tick-tock of the clock bringing us closer to the end of an infinity. Loving you is what moves my mind to wake from sleep.

Loving you is like creating a new world every day forgetting the brokenness of my past, wiping clean the darkness that's begs to enter mind. Loving you is the meaning behind everything I do.

I love you.

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