The End
The End
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kbaby2001 Tears are words that need to be written.
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Sometimes it's hard to live in this world and live up to these new expectations...

The End

As the rain hit her skin, she wept quietly, the wind freezing her tears as they slid down her pale, rosy cheeks. She knew she had to fix things before she completely broke apart.

Before she turned into someone she didn't recognize. Before she lost everyone she cared for.

She sat down on the freezing wet concrete step in front of a peaceful town house. She thought about the peace she has always wished to have. The normal she thrived for. She wanted to be normal.

In this world there is no normal. Frowned upon for being too thin or too heavy. Disgusted looks shot at you if you aren't as wealthy. No friends if you aren't what they consider beautiful.

You are not normal in this world unless you are made of plastic.

She is far from this worlds definition of normal. She stood up, her baggy jeans soaked through and sticking to her thighs. She looked up and down the street, no one in sight.

She liked the silence. She stood for a minute more taking in this peaceful bliss. She began walking and let one more tear fall before she went home to end it all.

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