The Attack
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kayurquhartI'm a newly-adult ace :)
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you can't get rid of the attacks, but you can survive them

The Attack

by kateurquhart

the world shuts itself off from you

or you shut the world out

i still don't know which

and you can't hear anything

except your own desperate gasps for air

and you can't taste anything

except the sour bile in your mouth

and you can't feel anything

except the chunks of panic rising in your throat and the knife-like slice of tears running down your face

and you can't see anything

because everything blurs and shifts out of focus

and you're under attack

but you can't defend yourself

and there's no escape




and you can't get the words out

you can't fight back

you can only wait for the waves to stop crashing over you

wait for the tide to go down

wait to stop drowning in your own anxieties

wait for The Attack to stop

because you can't get rid of the attacks

but you can survive them

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