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Careful what you wish for.

Trade Me

His lips lightly press the back of her hand, eyes holding hers the entire moment.

"Then Piper heard the microwave beep..."

He tenderly places her hand atop the table, threading their fingers.

"...and the tuna just smelled AWFUL..."

Her red nails flash as she tightens her grip, head tilting to accept the kiss he offers.

"...the whole office will never let Pete live it down."



I look away from the couple, cheeks coloring at my husband's impatience.

"Sorry dear. My mind escaped me for the moment." I apologize, adjusting the napkin in my lap.

"Well, I didn't marry you for your mind, if you know what I mean." He jokes, finding the humor in his pathetic line.

I try for a smile, eye twitching as he sloshes the expensive red wine on the table cloth.

She sits in the chair, obviously uncomfortable and annoyed.

A bit of food flies from his mouth as he talks, yet he appears animated and happy.

Her cold behavior towards the man who seems goofy but charming, has my brow creasing in the slightest.

"Darling Francis, what has captured your attention?" My husband questions, placing a kiss atop my knuckles.

I look away from the couple, stiffening at his whispered words.

"Quit eye-fucking the oaf."

He laces our hands together, smiling sweetly while I grit my teeth.

"Francis, be grateful for where you are sitting. You wouldn't want to be in her position, would you?"

I tighten our grip, fusing my anger into a snarky grin.

"Sorry dear. My mind escaped me for the moment." I apologize, accepting his kiss as I spare a glance at them.

Our gazes meet. Heads cocked the same way. Wondering how much better it would be to trade places.

Be careful what you ask for.

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