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9 moments that sum up 2019.

My Year

Hey everyone! Hope you all are doing well and enjoying the new year!

It’s still 2019 where I am, so I wanted to do a quick “year in review” if you will.

So much has happened for me and I though I could share a highlights reel of it all with you.

So here are 9 moments that shaped my 2019. 💖

9). Corgis I became obsessed with corgis, even though I don’t have the time nor space for one right now. But will definitely have one in the future!

8). Traveling I traveled to Las Vegas, New York City, and Ohio this past summer. The ten day trip was one I will never forget. I grew as a person and learned so much about my mother’s childhood.

7). Education I ended my freshman year and began my sophomore year of college. As I continue my higher education, my vision and goals for my future become more confusingly clear. 😂 but seriously, college has been one of the best decisions for me.

6). Socializing I wasn’t too keen on making friends or talking with others outside of class, but I really connected with a few classmates that I’m hoping to hang with in the future.

5). Anime If you didn’t know (as most people don’t haha), I am definitely an anime geek. I really got back into it with my sister this year and it’s been a fun time watching together. We dabbling into K-Dramas, so leave some suggestions below!

4). Distancing I helped my brothers move out in July and it was a pretty trying time for me. One of my brothers is my best friend. Going from being around him 24/7 to seeing him every three months was hard. But we’ve both grown and enjoy the time we do have together even more.

3). Health For a good portion of the year, I was dedicated to improving my health. Sort of fell off the wagon for a bit but I’m ready to make better strides in 2020.

2). Love *sigh* it’s been a year haha. But I’ve learned a lot and can’t wait to see what blossoms in the new year.

1). Writing And most importantly, you guys. I experimented with a variety of writing techniques, met incredible people on here, and overall have grown as a writer. I’ve fallen in love with the process again and can’t wait to show 2020 what I have to offer as a writer.

Thanks for sticking with me. The continuous support and love from you all makes my world go round. I’m so grateful to each and everyone of you.

Have a happy new year and stay safe! 🎊💖

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