Fallen (Part Four)
Fallen (Part Four) fiction stories

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Fallen (Part Four)

"For Silas. I'm here for Silas."

Dagger recoils at the mention of his brother's name, wings extending to an impressive span. Lilith's heart achingly thumps, her hand tenderly touching her jacket pocket.

"I went through so much trouble for you, to get you out of-"

Lilith seizes, unintentionally cutting off Dagger's lecture. Parts of her body shimmer and pixelate, a side effect of her travel.

Her internal organs contract and enlarge, atomically resizing themselves.

The seizure is gone almost as fast as it had started, at least to Dagger. For Lilith, the anguish takes on no time.

"Lil. You stubborn ass." Dagger harshly whispers, kneeling to hold her shaking body. His wings come around, encapsulating them into a shelter of warmth to ward off the autumn night breeze.

After several moments, she comes to, crystalline cerulean eyes calming the torrent storm within Dagger. She reaches up, weakly cupping his bearded cheek.

"Cupcake." She says, slightly lucid.

Dagger scowls, "That's a terrible pet name, Lilith."

"No," She shakes her head, pressing a hand to it. She slides off his lap, holding her head.

"Lilith. Why are you back for Silas?" Dagger asks again, knowing he's taking advantage of her moment of weakness for information.

"He's...everything's gone." She murmurs, eyes fluttering from another seizure.

Dagger's mind races, trying to piece together what has happened. Silas has been missing for months, successfully evading A.F.A, or the Angels From Above.

Lilith has been gone for around the same amount of time, living in a universe that is nothing like the one she escaped from.

Dagger gathers her back in his arms, running a soothing hand along the length of her frail back. Once he reaches her shoulders, she tenses.

Lilith screeches as she attacks Dagger. Her fingers lengthen into talons as she pins him to the ground by his neck.

His wings splay out to the sides as he lays motionlessly, painfully shocked by the transformation happening before his eyes.

"This is what I have become. This is what I have always been."

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