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there is no love with him.


"i love u xoxo"

"do you love me?"

She lies back, worrying her thumb nail. The small device glows in the dead of night, causing her to swipe at bleary eyes beneath her glasses.

A quick turn of the head reveals an ungodly hour. She rests the bright device on her rising chest, briefly wishing she never entertained this idea.

Her iPod buzzes, the notification lighting the screen. She fears to look at it, knowing he's waiting for a response. And it won't be what he is looking for.

She decides to glance at it, see what he has sent. "baby im so horny"

"I love you too."

Time passes, her sense of worth diminishing. Her soul enters a kind of blackness that stains for life.

Allowing her body to be defiled by the vile. Having her volatile desire divulged to the vulgar. Corrupting her juvenile warmth towards love.

She emerged though, wiser and jaded. She isn't so easily persuaded.

Letting no one own the true her.

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