Club Clover Vol. 8
Club Clover Vol. 8 fiction stories

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The storm of Club Clover is brewing.

Club Clover Vol. 8

"Still up for coffee?"

Echo fiddles with her sleeve, toes flexing in the oversized sandals as she regards his question.

"Um, actually, I'm not exactly presentable. And, well, I wouldn't want to take up anymore of your time." She responds, jumping at his harsh sigh.

"Echo, seriously. You aren't a bother. If I didn't want you around, I would have kicked you to the curb."

Echo nods, feeling foolish about her doubtful nature. Eric shuts the book in his hand, placing it on his chair as he stands.

"As for being presentable, I agree.

Definitely would get a lot of stares," he says, giving her a cursory glance that rushes the blood to her cheeks,

"but good thing I have a decent coffee machine and a penchant for quality coffee beans."

He gestures to the small sofa lining the wall,"Please, take a seat. Let me guess...a dash of sugar and too much creamer?"

Echo sits on the worn cushion, smirking slightly at his incorrect assumption,"I take mine black, actually."

Eric pauses in the kitchen doorway, casting a glance over his shoulder. He thumps the top of the doorway twice, letting out a slight laugh.

"Well, you're just full of surprises."

He disappears into the dimly lit kitchen, leaving Echo to amuse herself. She gazes around the sparse living room, noting the few things he does keep out.

Her gaze catches sight of the several moving boxes made up and sitting empty, along with some things already taken down from the wall.

She remembers back to the his phone call in the car, wondering if things were already breaking down with his girlfriend before tonight.

Echo rests her elbows on her knees, clapping her cheeks to knock some sense into her. She has no business to be thinking of such things. She hardly even knows the guy!

Yet here she is, wearing his clothes, sitting on his couch, and drinking his coffee. What a dream she must be. A total leech.

No. She's not. Echo needed some help and Eric was kind enough to lend a hand. And some clothing.

The kindness may not be conventional in this day and age, but Eric has a maturity she can't quite place.

Through all her inner turmoil, Echo hadn't noticed Eric has returned with their steaming mugs of coffee. The scent hits her sharply, waking her almost instantly despite the late hour.

"I'm here for my- oh, well. Move on quick, don't you Eric?"

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