An Apology
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kaylynn Awkward writer girl
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My white-flag.

An Apology

You once told me, my words were everything to you.

Unfortunately, it seems they won't work this time.

I've done something.

It was rude, uncalled for, and deserving to no one.

I would say, I'm sorry. But I already have.

Instead, I'll make up our lost time, with this small poem.

This is for you.

We whisper, About our dreams and realities.

You sing, About how much you love me.

I speak, About how much you mean to me.

We wonder, About how to make this work.

You laugh, Knowing you would do anything for me.

I giggle, Wanting to be everything for you.

We dream, About how it would be, together.

You talk, Melting my heart.

I listen, With the biggest grin.

Our time, Is short, yet endless.

And I missed it. My apology will always be unfit.

I can only hope to be forgiven.

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