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Answers to @bruvton's questions!

A Little About Me

1). How's life?

Life's going okay. Staying safe and healthy during this weird time. (Social distance if you can.) (Massive thanks to anyone fighting on the front lines. 💖)

2). Post a selfie

circa 2018 (lol)

3). Write a haiku/tanka

During this strange time we need to come together and remind ourselves change is inevitable but kindness is critical.

4). What are your life goals?

A broad question. I have many, but one would be to live a life worth telling.

5). What are your greatest fears?

The unknown. Disappointment. Rejection. Failure.

6). What inspired you to join Commaful?

I was invited a long time ago (back when there was like, less than 1,000 users haha). It'll be my four year anniversary this June!

7). Go to your phone/computer gallery, close your eyes, scroll, and click somewhere random to choose a random picture. Post it.

I'm being truthful here...and no, I won't provide any context haha!


8). Who on Commaful do you look up to?

Hmm...so hard to say! I love everyone on this site! (I can't single out everyone cause that'd be a million slides long).

9). Answer any question you want, whether you make it up or steal someone else's ideas!

If you want more answers to questions, leave them on this post! Maybe I'll do a separate post...

10). Draw something or take a cool photo of something and post it.

(A photo I took in Hawaii).

11). Bonus (optional): Who else do you challenge to do this?

I'm calling out @stadarooni and @sydney (big man himself lol).

This was super fun! Thanks to @bruvton for creating this and @ivoryannalise for calling me out to participate!

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