Shh , just Get over it.
Shh , just Get over it.

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These kinds of pills can be hard to swallow

Shh , just Get over it.

‘Im gonna kill myself’. Oh I’m sorry did i trigger your gag reflex?

Thats okay, just take another sip of your glass full of lies about how, ‘it will get better’ and ‘you will get through this’ and the pill will go down almost silently.

Silence is so beautiful, unless silence feels to be a wild animal in a cage crying the be let free.

Silence has the bitter taste of heart break and it sounds like the scratching and clawing in our throat as we intake the words ‘get over it’

So now, i will hold my tounge but be for warned the silence you’ve provoked kills.

Depression and suicidal tendencies is a long road that comes to a fork of ‘getting through it’ and ‘going through with it’

Nobody really ‘gets through’ it through it, we just become the worlds lowest paid actors and actresses. We may be actresses but the performances we put on almost nobody comes to see because it all looks too real.

The ones that do come leave before the show starts because the opening credits state “this play is for mature viewers only please be advised that the play you are about to see ends in a tragic suicide”.

When you come to the edge of the stage you open your mouth to speak but are silenced. You look put to see the last child fleeing the auditorium.

You turn around, the curtains close and finally you have, ‘gotten over it’

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