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kaylinngayleCommunity member
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People don’t understand the difference


Its all fun and games untill the jokes arent funny and they slap a lable on you and sell it.

Lables are what makes things sell, make it sound worse with a bigger word the more it will sell.

Lables make evreything and are plastered everywhere.

Verieties going from cereal boxes to adolecent mind sets.

Everybody knows the diffrents between lucky charms and marshmallow maties. If nobody can mistake those two lables then why are depression and sad so mixed up all the time.

People get sad for a couple days and they shout out "im so depressed!"

Fruity pebbles to crispy colors is as to "your a little underweight" and "i am sorry to inform you that your child has been diagnosed with anorexia nevousa".

People fast for a day and shout "im anorexic".

People look at depression suicide and anorexia like there medals to be won.

But these medals weigh you down when you dont hold it proud.

Its the oh so small diffrence of honey smacks to golden grams that make all the diffrence of "I wish i wasnt here" and "i want to kill myself"

One will shout "im suicidal!" and the other will whisper into the air of the night to fly to her bestfriend "i need help".

Its all fun and games untill fasting for a day turnes into "i am sorry to inform you that your child.."

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