Three things i miss list...
Three things i miss list... stories

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Three things i miss list...

by kaylielaprise

Three things i miss watching:

The underside of a playground slide.

My favorite cartoons after school.

And the suburban view of my third grade classroom.

Three things i miss feeling:

The vast immensity of being a child.

The after taste of chocolate ice cream melting on my tongue.

And the total vulnerability of getting truly lost in a book.

Three things i miss doing:

Holding my mother's hand.

Sleeping easily at night, with no worry or stress revaging my mind.

And playing in bright, sun drenched fields with dray.

But here is the one thing i hate to admit,

the great villain of my life: Nostalgia, putrid, poisonous nostalgia.

the way that it tints and distorts my childhood.

into something that was not.

into something clean.

into something safe.

into something good.

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