A Summer in Love( A Smallville Fanfiction Story) Chapter One (Part One) :
A Summer in Love( A Smallville Fanfiction Story)

Chapter One (Part One) : smallville stories

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Two lone souls running from their pasts. One wants to be free. Another wants to escape. They meet in the most unexpected way, and find solace in each other, but how long can that happiness last?

A Summer in Love( A Smallville Fanfiction Story) Chapter One (Part One) :

Her hazel eyes shined brightly in the dimmed room, defiance and challenge radiating from them, as she looked at the three men sitting opposite of her. “Drink up, boys.”

They all glared at her, “You first, Lane.” Lois rolled her eyes. They did this almost weekly, and they still haven’t learned. She downed the three shots, closing her eyes, as the cool contents slithered down her throat.

When she opened her eyes, she saw the looks of bewilderment plastered on their faces, and smirked. One man, in his early twenties, downed the three shots, and had an expression of pure satisfaction etched on his rigid features before his eyes rolled back, and he slumped to the ground.

One down, two to go, she thought to herself. The second man, older and gruffer looking, downed the shots, and grinned from ear to ear before he turned green, and jetted from the table, obviously to go throw up.

That only leaves one more, she thought to herself. She looked over at the last man standing. Of course, it would be him, she thought to herself. He downed the three shots, then smirked at her. “Is that the best you got?”

She glared at him. “Is that fear of losing I sense on your beautiful face?” “Oh, Wes, do you not know me at all? I don’t give up or do you not remember the first time we drank together?”

He growled softly at her. He obviously didn’t want to remember the splitting headache, and gash he was awarded from trying to kiss her. “Bring it on, Lo, because you, my friend, are going down!”

She smirked, her eyes never leaving his, and called out, “Hey, Billy! Three more shots each!” “Lane, don’t you think you should stop?”

She looked over at him, smirking, “Oh, come on, live a little.” She saw the terrified look in his eyes. “Don’t tell me that your scared of the general. Have some fun, and pour the shots.” He nodded, and began pouring the shots.

“Don’t even think about it, soldier.” She groaned, dropping her head into her hands, as her father’s gruff voice reverberated off the walls. He was always ruining her fun.

The men quickly stood, standing at attention, and averted their eyes from him. Pansies! She thought to herself. “Now, does someone want to explain to me what is going on here?”


He glared at all his men. “Get out of my sight! We have a meeting at 0500 sharp!” All the men scurried out of the room, giving her sympathetic looks.

Wes started to get up, but the general placed his hand on his shoulder, “Wes, mind telling me why your drinking with my underage daughter? Especially when your barely legal?” He paled.

“Leave him alone. He didn’t do anything wrong.” “Really? Then why is he the one drinking with you?" She stood up, facing her father head on. “Because I challenged him to do it! Come on, daddy, we were just having a little fun.”

He scowled at her before turning towards Wes. “We don’t have time for fun. At ease, soldier.” He quickly rushed out of the room. She growled, “Why do you always have to ruin everything?”

He glared. “Don’t get smart with me, Lois.” She was about to retort, but he grabbed her arm, and forcefully pulled her outside.

“OWW!” She ripped her arm out of his grasp, rubbing the soreness away. “What the hell was that for?” He ignored that. “What do you think you’re doing? I don’t have time for this! I spend all day watching over my men. I can’t add you to that list.”

“What a shocker? You’d rather be a general to your men than a father to your own daughter!” “I don’t have time for civilian chivalries. I have a job to do, men to protect, and a world to save. You know what my job entails, Lo.”

“Yeah, which means more to you than being a father!” He growled at her. “I don’t have time to watch over you.” “I don’t need to be watched over!” “Really? I think otherwise.”

“But you won’t,” she whispered. The alcohol making her say things, she always thought of saying, but never had before. “What was that?”

She rolled her eyes. “Nothing, general. Are we done here?” He glared. “Not even close. Now, what the hell do you think you’re doing?” “It’s called having fun. You should try it some time.”

“Don’t get smart with me. You need to buck up, and start acting your age!” She scoffed. “What? Like a rebellious, defiant teenager? That is what I’m doing!” “I’ve raised you better than this.”

She wanted to laugh at that absurd statement, knowing he didn’t raise her at all, and glared at the man. “You didn’t raise me at all! I raised myself! Or did you forget how you tossed both me and Lucy to the side after mom died!” “Don’t bring your mother into this!”

She smirked. “What, dad? Can’t face the facts? Are you pissed that I’m drinking or that you can’t control me anymore?” He stood his ground. “I will send you to military school, if you don’t stop acting like an immature five-year old!”

“You wouldn’t!” “Don’t test me, Lois. I will not hesitate to send you away just like Lucy.” She gaped at her father. “You what? You told me you sent her away for a better education because she was smart!”

“She was six, Lois, how smart could she have really been? I couldn’t afford to watch over both of you.”

She glared. “Then send me away! It’s what you do best! You send your men on missions, not really caring if they come back. You send Lucy away, and now your threatening to do the same to me. Do it! I dare you! Send your only daughter away!”

He glared. “Drop the attitude, Lo. One more outburst, and you’re off to military school, is that clear?”

She felt a million and one barbs on her tongue, but he quickly turned away from her, stopping her from saying anything more. She glared at him, burning imaginary holes into the back of his head, as he walked away.

Nope! No way in hell!

She stormed off to her room, not even acknowledging the soldiers passing her smiles and reassuring looks, she was too pissed off to care.

She wasn’t going to be subjected to his scrutiny any longer! If he wanted her gone, then she would be gone. It might not be what he had in mind, but she didn’t care. She wasn’t going to military school.

No way in hell! He would have to find her first. She started throwing her things into a duffel bag. She was leaving.

She didn’t know where she was going, but as long as it wasn’t here, stuck under his thumb. As she packed her things, rushing from her bathroom back to the bedroom, her best friend, Cassie walked into the room. “Where’s the fire, Lo?”

She ignored her.

Cassie grabbed her shoulders, making her stop. “Lois, seriously, what’s going on?” “I’m leaving.” She let go of her shoulders. “What? Why?”

She continued packing her things. “I’m done. I’m done with the general.” “Your father?” She stopped and looked at her best friend. “He is not my father. We might be related by blood, but I’m just a soldier to him. Not his daughter.”

“Lo, you need to think about this! Is this because he caught you drinking? That’s not the first time, and we both know that it won’t be the last.” “He threatened to send me to military school! Can you believe that? I won’t let that happen. He wants me gone, so, I’ll be gone.”

Cassie watched, sadly, as she finished packing her things. “There’s no changing your mind, is there?” She saw the hurt and sadness in her eyes. “No, I’m sorry, Cas. I love you, but I can’t stay here.”

“You know he will look for you.” She nodded. “Look, there is something I need you to do. He will come to you first. He knows we are close, so…” “I won’t say anything.”

She smiled. “You sure you can handle the Lane interrogation?” “I’m your best friend, or am I not?” She laughed before pulling her into a hug. “I’ll miss you.” “I’ll miss you too.”


Later that night, after everyone was sleeping, Lois crept over to her car, and drove away from the base. She didn’t know where she was going, but she couldn’t stay here any longer.

She knew he would find her, and probably ship her off to military school, but at least she could be free…for now. She accelerated her speed, wanting to get further and further away from her father, and never looked back.

To be continued...

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