A Summer in Love (A Smallville Fanfiction Story) Chapter Five (Part Two):
A Summer in Love (A Smallville Fanfiction Story)

Chapter Five (Part Two):  smallville stories

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Two lone souls running from their pasts. One wants to be free. Another wants to escape. They meet in the most unexpected way, and find solace in each other, but how long can that happiness last? CLOIS!!!

A Summer in Love (A Smallville Fanfiction Story) Chapter Five (Part Two):

Lois turned towards him so, her body was fully facing him. “Where are you from?” Clark looked down, slightly hesitating. He had hoped that she wouldn’t ask that question, but he didn’t want to stop talking to her. “I lived in a small-town.”

Lived. The past tense use of that word popped out at her, but she wasn’t going to question him about it.

She would have, but she sensed a sadness in his voice, and conceded that he didn’t want to talk about his home life. She needed to liven up this conversation. She smirked. “A small-town huh? So, you’re a farm boy through and through?”

He narrowed his eyes at her. “What makes you think that?” “Well, firstly, you’re from a small-town. Secondly, you’re wearing plaid, if that’s not a dead giveaway then I don’t know what is.”

He frowned, looking down at his clothes then back up at her. “What’s wrong with my clothes?” She laughed. “Your joking, right? It’s absolutely hideous, but it kind of suits you.”

He smiled. She was teasing him. He guessed that she probably did that a lot, and the thought of her teasing him, excited him. “Where are you from?”

He watched as she sighed, quite heavily, and rolled her eyes. She obviously didn’t want to talk about that. He couldn’t judge her for it since he refused to talk about it as well.

He was about to tell her to forget he asked, but she answered him anyways. “I don’t have a home, well, not really.” He frowned. How could someone not have a home?

She saw his questioning gaze, and sighed. “I lived on a military base, actually I’ve lived on many bases in this country, and many other ones for most of my life.” He paled. She lived on military bases? She’s military?

Oh God! Who the hell did he reveal himself to? Was she going to report him to them? Was he going to become a military experiment? Was this all a part of her plan to capture him?

He looked away from her. He couldn’t say anything else. She could be just wasting time until the cavalry shows up, and ships him away to god knows where, and his life would be over.

She saw the terrified expression spread out onto his handsome features once again, and groaned, mentally berating herself for being so thoughtless. He was scared of her again, of course he would be, he’s probably thinking that she wants to study him or something.

She watched as he mentally and physically closed himself off from her, and he looked as if he wanted to get out of here as fast as he could. She couldn’t have that. She needed to reassure him. She needed him to know that he could trust her.

She tentatively placed her hand on his shoulder. He tensed, but still looked over at her, and she felt her heart break at the expression plastered on his face. He was absolutely terrified. He was scared of her.

She slightly squeezed his shoulder. “Clark, it’s okay. You don’t need to worry. I’m not going to say anything to anybody. Your secret is safe with me…okay?” He nodded, but didn’t say anything.

She released him, and looked away. She knew that was the first time she actually mentioned what she had seen him do, and was feeling a little relieved at mentioning it, but also anxious at what his reaction would be.

She doubted he would elaborate, but at least, he knows she won’t say anything, and hopefully he won’t be so terrified of her anymore. She hoped so, at least. He just stared at her.

She wasn’t going to tell anyone. His secret was safe with her. He sighed, in utter relief, but then realized that she actually brought up what she had seen him do.

They had been in each other’s company for over an hour now, and she hadn’t uttered one damn word about it. He frowned at her.

Why wasn’t she asking questions? Why wasn’t she curious? Why wasn’t she doing anything else but brushing off the topic like it was the black plague? Did she not care? Was she afraid of him, and that’s why she didn’t want to talk about it?

He didn’t understand this girl. Not one iota. She was different. Anyone else would have already asked him a million questions so, why hasn’t she?

She noticed him gaping at her, like she had grown a second head or something, from the corner of her eye. She knew what he was thinking, and without looking at him, said, “You’re wondering why I’m not badgering you with questions, aren’t you?”

He mumbled, “Yes,” before looking away from her. “I didn’t want to scare you away.” His head snapped towards her, deniability radiating off him in waves. “I wasn’t scared of you.”

She looked over at him, smirking. “Really? You can’t fool me farm boy. Admit it, you were terrified, and not only that, but you ran away from me in a matter of seconds.” He knew that, but he wasn’t going to admit that to her. “I didn’t run away from you.”

She glared at him, playfully, and he couldn’t help, but feel like he had absolute zero power under her gaze. He sighed, grumbling, “Fine! I was terrified that you saw me, and I didn’t know what to do so, I ran away.”

She smiled. “Now, that wasn’t so hard, was it?” He grinned at her teasing. She was definitely one of a kind. “I guess not.” He watched as she turned away from him, and his smile slowly fell.

She still wasn’t asking him anything, which he was thankful for, but another part of him wanted her to. He needed—wanted to know what she was thinking, what she was feeling. Was she afraid of him? Was she disgusted by him?

He was staring…again. She sighed. “You’re doing it again.” He quickly looked away from her, a slight blush on his face. “I’m s-sorry.”

“Let me guess, you’re wondering why I’m not scared or running away from you, right?” His mouth fell open, as he gaped at her. “How do you do that?” She feigned ignorance. “Do what?”

“How do you always know what I’m thinking?” She smiled, slightly shrugging her shoulders. “I don’t know. I guess, you could say that I’m good at reading people, and you’re like an open book.” He smiled, but it faded.

She didn’t actually subdue his fears. “Why aren’t you afraid of me? Anyone else would have been.” She stared directly into his eyes. “Clark, you literally saved my life today. Why would I be afraid of you? I know you could never hurt me or anyone else for that matter.”

“How do you know? We don’t even know each other.” She smirked. “That’s easy. You wear plaid. There is no way in hell that a guy who wears the most hideous apparel known to man could be even slightly threatening.” He chuckled, of course, only she would see logic in that.

They sat in contempt silence, as they watched the sun begin to set.

He wondered how it was possible for one human girl to surprise him every time she opened her mouth. She was absolutely amazing. Who knew that such an understanding person could actually exist?

He always thought that people would judge him, and even though she doesn’t know the whole truth, she still was understanding. He knew she was one of a kind, and knew he would never meet someone like her ever again.

He was still lost in his thoughts, when she spoke, surprising him with her words. “You know, you have no reason to be scared of me. I would never do anything to hurt you.” He looked over at her. “I’m not anymore.”

She never looked at him. “I promised myself I wouldn’t ask you questions, and I’m not going to, but that doesn’t mean I’m not curious about you. I know you’ve probably kept this a secret most of your life, but if you wanted to you could talk to me about it if you wanted to, but you don’t have to.”

He looked away from her, thinking about what she had said, and let it sink in. He knew what she was doing. She was trying to make him more comfortable around her, and he was, kind of.

Would telling her make it easier? Did he want to tell her? He knew that she wasn’t afraid of him. He knew that she wouldn’t ask him questions unless he either brought it up or asked himself.

He groaned, inwardly. He didn’t know what he wanted anymore. After he had ran away from her, he was vehement on not telling her anything about his powers, origins, or anything related to what she saw him do.

But now, for some reason, he really, really wanted to tell her. She was easy to talk to. She didn’t judge him. But would that change once she knew the whole truth?

He remembered how ‘Kal’ was so carefree about his secret. He made it adamantly clear that he didn’t care if anyone found out, and declared that he didn’t want to live in secrets and lies anymore. Did he have a point?

He knew he was tired of the secrets and lies to the people he cared about, but would everyone react the same way as Pete had? The only other two people who knew, were his parents, and he immediately regretted thinking about this.

He could feel his pain and guilt rushing up to him again, but quickly pushed it down. He wouldn’t think of that, not when he had been doing so good at not thinking about it. He supposed, that his company had a little to do with that, and he was thankful for that.

She definitely kept his mind off things. What was he going to do? Did he tell her? Did he only tell her a half truth?

No. He would not lie to her. He could never lie to her, even it was a lie of omission, she deserved better than that, especially after everything she has seen, and everything they have talked about.

He wanted to tell her, really, really, badly, but could he trust her? He looked over at her. She had never said a word to him about any of it until it came up. She promised that she would never tell anyone.

He knew. He knew what he needed to do. He could trust her, hell, he already trusted her. He wanted—needed her to know…everything.

He took a deep breath before he blurted out the one sentence he never thought he’d say again. “I’m an alien from another planet.”

To be continued...

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