A Summer in Love (A Smallville Fanfiction Story) Chapter Four (Part One):
A Summer in Love (A Smallville Fanfiction Story)

Chapter Four (Part One): smallville stories

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Two lone souls running from their pasts. One wants to be free. Another wants to escape. They meet in the most unexpected way, and find solace in each other, but how long can that happiness last? CLOIS!!!

A Summer in Love (A Smallville Fanfiction Story) Chapter Four (Part One):

“She’s lying.” Wes fidgeted slightly, as he stood across from the seething General, who was pacing the length of his office.

The ‘interrogation’ didn’t really go as planned. Cassie was short, simple, and gave no new information. He didn’t want to believe that she would lie, but knowing how close they were, it wouldn’t be surprising if she covered for Lois.

“She’s hiding something.” “I’m not so sure, sir.” He stopped, turned, and glared. “Wes, do you not know my daughter at all? She’s loyal, fierce, and stubborn.”

He knew that, of course, but what did that have to do with Cassie? “Cassie and Lois are close, right?” He nodded. “They tell each other everything, am I right?”

He nodded again. He knew that for a fact. There were so many times, too many to count, where one of them would see or hear something, and not even five minutes later the other would know about it.

They weren’t gossipers by any means, but there were absolutely no secrets between them. Could it be true? Did Cassie know where Lois was?

“Then it wouldn’t be surprising if this Cassie girl knew of Lois' plans.” He was afraid of that. “Do you think she knows where Lois is?” “Of course not.”

He gaped at the man, completely confused. How could she be lying, but not at the same time? Did she know or didn’t she? He silently groaned, this whole situation was giving him a damn headache. “Sir, didn’t you just say that she was lying?”

“A lie of omission, Wes. She probably knew of Lois’ plans, but she doesn’t know where she is.” “How do you know?”

He sighed. “My daughter, is quite resourceful, a trait she gets from me, unfortunately. She wouldn’t risk telling anyone where she was going.” He sighed. “Then what do you suggest we do, sir?”

He stared straight into his eyes. “Follow her.” He paled, slightly. “What? Why? If she doesn’t know anything…” “She might not know anything, but she also might try to contact her, and that’s our key to finding my daughter.”

He really, really didn’t want to do this. “What would you like me to do sir?” “Just follow her, and when she contacts my daughter, you will report back to me.” He nodded, and quickly left the room.

He didn’t like this, not one bit, but what choice did he have? When The General gave an order, you obeyed, and asked no questions.

As he walked through the corridors, he couldn’t help but think that he was betraying his friends. Lois, the girl he’s known since he was a kid, the girl he tried kissing, and got knocked on his ass for trying.

Cassie, the beautiful girl who took up his thoughts and dreams, the girl he was beginning to fall in love with. He sighed, heavily. This was going to end very, very badly, and of course, he was stuck right in the middle of it.

Damn you, Lois, he thought, desolately, as he headed towards his assignment.


Clark felt like he couldn’t breathe. His breathing was rapid and uneven. It felt like his lungs were on fire from the excessive amount of air he was sucking in.

His heart pounded in his chest, like a jackhammer, the sound of his own heartbeat was ringing in his ears. He was never one for overacting, but now, in this moment, Clark Kent was having a complete, and uncontrolled panic attack.

She saw! She saw everything!

He willed himself to calm his nerves, as he stood underneath the bridge, leaning against the concrete wall.

He didn’t know what he was supposed to do. How he was supposed to react. How the hell he even let this happen.

His entire life, especially when he found out his true alien origins he was always so careful, and now after all these years of hiding his secret that had been shot to hell in a matter of seconds.

He was utterly horrified, but more than that, he was completely terrified. Terrified of what was going to happen.

What was she thinking? Did she believe him to be some kind of freak? Was she disgusted? Horrified? Terrified? Was she scared of what he could do? Did she want to turn him into the authorities? Study him? Dissect him? Turn him into a living breathing lab rat?

What the hell was he supposed to do now?

He could just leave, of course, he could just superspeed away and never return. That’s what he was doing anyways so, he supposed that he could just leave everything behind.

He could forget he ever saved her life—forget she saw him using his powers—just forget everything. He groaned, the noise slipping past his lips, and softly closed his eyes. He was being a coward, and he knew it.

He was literally hiding underneath a damn bridge because he was too terrified of what would happen to him if he confronted her after she had seen…everything. He wanted to disappear.

God, he wished he could just disappear, pretend that this had never happened, and forget that she knew the truth about his powers, but he couldn’t—wouldn’t. He couldn’t leave.

He wasn’t just worried about what would happen to him, but he was worried about her. She could be hurt, albeit probably not too severely, but still hurt in some capacity.

She was without a vehicle, a vehicle which was broken down on the side of the road, and he wouldn’t just leave her completely, and utterly stranded.

He might be running away from his life—his pain—his guilt, but he wasn’t too far gone to realize when someone needed help, and she needed his help. She was possibly hurt. She was stranded with nowhere to go.

She was alone. He couldn’t just leave her.


She knew…everything. She knew he had powers. She might not know the whole truth, but he wasn’t naïve enough to believe that she wouldn’t figure at least some of it out.

How the hell was he supposed to get out of explaining? How was he supposed to tell her anything? How was he going to get out of this colossal mess?

He wasn't. He knew that if he went back up there, she would have a million and one questions, and he didn’t know how to answer a single one of them without revealing his true origins.

What was he supposed to tell her? ‘Hey! My name is Clark, and I’m an alien from another planet with special powers!’

He scoffed. He couldn’t—wouldn’t do that. No way in hell was he telling her the truth. He didn’t know her.

He couldn’t trust her, or anyone for that matter. He was raised to protect his secret, and he wouldn’t stop now. He sighed, softly.

He didn’t know what he was supposed to do. He couldn’t tell her the truth, but he also couldn’t hide underneath here forever. His life was a huge mess, and now this just made thing so, so much worse.

What was he supposed to do in a situation like this?

He had three options, all involving confronting the girl.

Firstly, he would be captured by the authorities or the girl herself, strapped down to a table, and spent the remainder of his life being experimented on.

Secondly, he would be bombarded by a million questions from her, and would have no choice but to tell her something, even if it was a lie.

And thirdly, he could avoid the topic altogether, help her get situated in a nearby town, and then leave. He groaned, at the last one. No way in hell would she just brush off the topic of what she had seen him do.

He would either be relegated to having his life taken from him or answering questions that he didn’t have answers to. His eyes slowly opened, and he took a deep breath.

It was now or never, he thought to himself, before super speeding back up to her.

To be continued...

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