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kawaii_m3rmaid XP im weird.
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I don't want to sleeeeep ×-× im scared.
Its not like scary sounding i guess but it was scary at the end or atleast for me since i was confused a such.


Basically i had gotten a few hours of sleep last night like 5 am to 9am so i decided to take a nap which i normally don't do. Im not gonna explain all of the dream but ill explain the end.

Basically it had these owl type people? They had wings but weren't angels. And then the demon people. Ok soo this is the important bit.

Also i wasn't in the perspective of a person it was more like a movie almost. Anyway.

Basically they were trying to open this massive door to save a friend (door that was the size of the giant demons i guess?

It was hard to tell) But they had struck it with the beam that was supposed to break down the door.

But it only broke down some of the top so we could see them walking by instead of the giants going to open the door we were breaking they sort of walked out to the side and then thats when i

heard a sound that seemed to be right next to me ear. It was like a gunshot or a door loudly slamming shut. I then woke up? I don't know if it really counts as full awakening.

But anyways, after the sound i "woke up?" But it was weird. At first my mouth was a little way open. My eyes were squinting, unable to see clearly. I couldn't move or breathe.

I tried speaking but my mouth was just shaking as if i were cold. Finally i was able to quickly roll over and i started taking deep breaths and then sat up.

And thats why i don't think i want to go back to sleep. Its kinda like if you hate nightmares and have one then you just don't want to sleep and take the chance of having another one.

Welp. I guess ill try???? Its gonna take forever XD But i had my fun breaking the dream apart and solving it. UvU Bye now!

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