Just a Dream (Chapter 1 awake)
Just a Dream (Chapter 1 awake) nightmare stories

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You have just moved to a new neighborhood were you will be attending a new school. Little do you know what is to come with this new horrifying town. Each chapter is a day. At the end of every day is a dream. You must survive. Hope you enjoy!

Just a Dream (Chapter 1 awake)

You wake up. You shift on the uncomfortable mattress that sits in an empty room on the floor. Today is sadly the first day at a new school.

Mom and dad chose it since it was the closest to the street you now lived on. Mom enters the room as you toss and turn.

"Time to get up. The furniture should be here when you get back." She walks out. Slowly rising up, you look around to find your small bag that held few clothes inside.

You remember that you have a uniform for school so there is no point in going threw your bag for clothes. After finishing getting dressed you slip on your shoes. You head out of your room.

Opening your door leads to the kitchen and livingroom that are separate by carpet on one side.

You grabbed the plate with the toast on it and sat down for a few minutes while you quickly try to finish so you can get a head start to school.

Once finished, you place the dish in the sink and exit through the front door. You start jogging to school until you run out of breath.

You stand there and catch your breath while you observe your surroundings. Such as the size, shape, and color of the small stores. After regaining some energy you finish your jog to school. Once you arrived at the front door you wait...

The doors unlocks and you walk through. You swiftly walk to the office were you are handed a small map of the school and a schedule.

They give you a few minutes to look at the schedule and find were the classes are on the map. When you finish you head out of the office to your first class.

After a long day of wondering around finding your classes its finally time to head home. You follow the other students outside were you will be waiting.

Since you were to busy searching for your car home, you weren't paying much attention to were you were walking. You trip.

Once you gather your stuff and stand back up you see the thing? that you tripped over. It was a small magic 8 ball shaped object with 4 short black needle like legs.

You hold in a scream before you finally find your car. You quickly run to it hopping in the back seat and sitting your bag down.

You look down at your ankle which seems to be bleeding but when you lift up the sock you appear to have no injuries...weird. you decide its nothing. You push the thought away and sit there in the silence that floated in the car. The car ride didn't last long.

Once you arrived you quickly got out of the akward silence that laid in the car. Grabbing your bag, you shut the door and head for the open door of your house.

Once you enter you see the neat furniture scattered across both rooms. You head into your room, excited as to what you would see. You open the door and freeze. It looks..sad.

The walls are a pale grey. The room is...empty. The only thing that is truly decorating the room is the small mattress and your bag of clothes. Along with the small empty closet.

You decide to change into something more comfortable. After changing you realize how tired you've become. You decided it wouldn't hurt to take a nap before dinner was brought home.

As you lay there drifting off to sleep memories of what happened today replays over and over in your head. Memories about how people stared at you. How people didn't bother to help you.

And that.. that creature that tripped you and then looked up at you with such innocence. It was confusing. After a few minutes you finally drifted off to sleep. A dream awaited you...or maybe a nightmare.

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