Just A Dream ( Chapter 1) The boat I drew what tripped you, the dark grey is its eye. Its really small.
Just A Dream ( Chapter 1) The boat

I drew what tripped you, the dark grey is its eye. Its really small. nightmare stories

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This is the nightmare part. You chose an answer then you go to the one that has the letter you chose. Or you can read all the outcomes. XD
Sorry it took so long.

Just A Dream ( Chapter 1) The boat I drew what tripped you, the dark grey is its eye. Its really small.

Here is another one where its happy XP. Idk what to call it XD. My friends call it a small child or Smol Bean X3.

Its cold. And Firm. And...wet? You slowly rise up wondering what happened to your mattress. A gasp escapes your mouth. Your not on a mattress not even in your house. Instead your on, well what seems to be a boat. After a few minutes of sitting there confused you decide to...

A. Look for a weapon B. Explore below deck C. Look for anyone else on deck

If you chose A. You look around the outside for any sort of weapon that you may come in handy if anything happens. There seems to be nothing so you head below deck in search of anything. Luckily you find a chest that has a m13, shotgun and 2 spears. You grab the m13 and throw the strap around you while you grab 1 spear to drag along with you while you look for the spear gun. Then you hear a sound without knowing you curiously follow it.

To behind the stairs where you see a skeleton and the creature, that tripped you, examining it. Then it points at you and crawls over to the other side and walks out of sight. Then coming back and looking at you. Its almost as if it wants you to follow it.

If you chose B. You wobbly stand up to go search. You head down the creaking stairs. Once arriving you immediately start searching for any life. After a few minutes there is only one place left that you haven't checked yet, behind the stairs. There lied what once was life...the skeleton of the last person and what looks to be the creature that tripped you.

Though this time it wasn't paying any attention to you as it was to focused on examining the skeleton. Then it looked at you and pointed up. If you chose C. You stand up knowing no one is outside in such weather. You walk into what must be the captains quarters. You wonder around before you here a creak from below, one that didn't come from you.. you slowly examine everything downstairs looking for the source.

You head in the direction, behind you, were the sound was created. You see the small creature that tripped you. It looks at you and points up the stairs that you previously walked down. You stare back at it confused, pondering whether to follow it or not.

You decide to... A. Follow the creature B. Examine the creature C. Ignore the creature

If you chose A. The creature starts trying to push your feet towards the stairs. You decide it might be best to listen to the creature, maybe it knows more then you do...As you start up the stairs the creature jumps infront of you as it hops up the steps. When it finally reaches the top it continues walking, you follow. It jumps up on the railing and points out something. You squint your eyes searching for what it sees.

To your surprise you see a perfectly round rock that is straight ahead...meaning the ship is going to crash into it! You almost fall backwards, after all being on a ship thats sinking is one of your fears. If you chose B. You pick up the pacing creature and examine it. Its head fits in both your hands. You look closely at its eye?Well what seems like an eye. It looks almost identical it a magic 8 ball that you played with as a kid.

The little legs are really the only difference. It glares at you before jumping out of your hand. It hops half way up the stairs and points outside with a aggravated look on its face. You follow it and out of nowhere you see this round rock thats just sitting there right infront of the ship you fall back and sit down while you think.

If you chose C. You ignore the creature, leaving it downstairs as you head up to check out the rest of the captains quarters. Suddenly the ship shakes. You fall over you stand up you quickly stand up and jog to the rail, you look around and spot a round rock. It seems the ship crashed into it. But it didn't seem to do much damage. The small creature hops onto the railing and points at the rock then looks at you with a "i told you look".

You fall backwards as the ship shakes again. Everyone. You sit there where you fell.. the rock was rising..it was alive too... End of part 1 of the nightmare. Soooooooooo i drew the creature or "rock" as an apology for this taking so long. I've been busy doing stuff with my family, sorry for the wait. Yes you will notice that the choices all lead you to this one part. That is because you need

To end up were you see the creature for the nightmare to start, after that your choices will change the path. You could fail (probably not likely),you could barely succeed, or completely succeed. Plus some choices in this part were different like how some of you may end up with the weapons or not. Welp here is the drawing of the plan for how the "rock" looks. Bye! Until next time!

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