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kawaii_m3rmaid XP im weird.
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Tada! Sorry.
Anyways here is some new sketches.

Art 8

Rainbows! Second one is hard to see. X3 So ive been emotional so thats why i haven't done much but draw X3. So here it all is Its not much since half of the time its either draw, cry, or wait for an answer that they said they'd give 4 days ago its just alot and it hurts.

I drew aki small and in the corner.

Idk. I wanted to draw faces.

Fnaf fanart of baby Idk if i like the hair tho. But im proud of the hands since im not good at hands. I tried to do a different outfit to see how it would look. I tried to do this as quick as i could so thats why its not that great.

Idk if ill finish this sketch. Omg waait i forgot the body it the 2nd X-X Welp Next!

Testing hands. Mainly because im still trying to find other options then the hands not fitting on the page or sleeves. X3 Then im gonna work on clothes and designs and style for those.

Welp. Thats most of it. The rest is stuff im finishing now that i feel better UvU. U>U Ill try and do a chapter of The J Crew. Byeee!!!

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