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Tada? Idk.
Ash & Amia is another rp i could post on here. Honestly after this weekend i should have a lot of free time to write out more of the stories.

Art 7

I colored the second one along with using the base for the next one. And yes i used flipaclip. It was the only one i could think of for the animation. Btw the reason you can't see her neck is because she doesn't have one. She is a type of something that doesn't need to breath. So her head just floats. And instead of lungs, she has storage basically for important things like the charms hanging at the end of her hair.

She is a fennec fox. Dis is Amia. Another roleplay character X3. She and ash were both brought to a place together were they worked and stuff then she found out she was prego and he was like nope and just left. Only for her to find him in his disguise. But she doesn't know that its him. Yes he is really familiar to ash but she doesn't get that. So she ends up going into to labor(idk if i spelled that right)

And he ends up helping her to a doctor's house. (The village they're in doesn't have a hospital they just have a docter that lives there but works somewhere else.) And such. A few years pass. (3). She is now living in an apartment since when he was with her in the house he always told her she didn't need to worry about getting a job. She had a small one but she did most of it at home and it didn't pay well.

So. The twin girls sleep in the one bed while she sleeps on the couch under the window. One day the girls had been playing out side when a man, that fit the description of the father there mom talked about, came over to them warning them of the storm. Amai is heading down to collect her children when she sees him. They both stand there eyes locked together. I can tell their whole story if you want.

I drew her when she is finally free from the curse. :P Plus i was trying out drawing on the paper. I wanted to know what pencils, pens, and markers would work on it.

I apologize that there isn't much. I haven't been drawing too many things since im trying to focus on sitting poses. UvU I can post a description and the first bit of the Amia and Ash rp. Probably tomorrow. Anyways! I hope you enjoyed! Bye bye!! XwX

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