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kawaii_m3rmaid XP im weird.
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Art 5!
There are more pictures then me talking since most of them explain themselves. Welp, hope you enjoy!!

Art 6

Soooo these are from my new character book. I call it a character book since its the perfect size for the characters i draw. And there will be the last few i didn't show from the other sketchbook.

Here names Kayley. Im not going to explain much besides this, she is alone and no one understands.. I drew this while i played face your fears with family. ×-× lets just say there were alot of screams.

Idk what it is but i love the first one. I don't normally draw ears but when i do i normally do elf or my own type l fears.

That is the cake design i talked about in art 4. Its a Fnaf 2 theme cake design. Since i missed my birthday a family member told me to draw something and they'd make it when i could come over. Sooooo -w- i drew cake

Trying to draw lips since i never do XD. This is the top of this test page. Here's the bottom ->

XuX i just couldn't resist. And it looks bootiful xD

Lets just say that he is probably possibly maybe the reason why someone is missing in The J Crew. I also had no clue how to do his suit so XD. Welp thats all for now! Sorry i couldn't post a chapter today. But i hope you enjoyed! Bye!! :3

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