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Here is some art!
If you read the summary of the roleplay and you want me to post the story here I gladly will!

Art 5

I have found alot? Idk i think its more than i have put before. But i hope you enjoy atleast one of them. This was mostly me trying new things.

I was trying to draw a box, this is with a crack on my phone protector X3

Damon is um..well it depends on which roleplay world you use. The first. Star and damon (played by meh friend UvU) Were together. In the second one it was sad to me. Ok so basically damon moved cause he thought star was mad at him. She was going to ask him out at the end of the school year. But when he returned he was now happily with another person who was nice and such so star suffered watching them for i

- think 3 years. Damon married the person. And star damon and the other person came together with the money and bought a mansion. ×-× anyway. If you want me to i can make that another story i put on here. Continue.

His name is Jackal. He is one of my Oc's. This is when he was younger. The transition in my world for a demon. As a kid they can start out with sharp ears or small horns. Small tails are also possible. As a teen the sharp ear will either grow or disappear. The horns will start growing to their full length. And the tail will grow as well as sharpen. And here's him now -->

I didn't draw his horns because he normally doesn't show them since they get in the way. X3 like imagine walking around at his height plus the 1-3 ft of horns. XD. Jackal has a story with Aki. I haven't drawn aki yet. This was around the time when i first started to like how i drew male characters. Originally i never did cause i had very low confidence in how they would turn out.

Ok soooo i love dis one. Idk what it is. I think its just that i Love the way it turned out.

Soooo..i needed a profile image for a game...and so i drew my own X3. Idk if i like how it turned out i think i might remake it.the one behind Jackal was a fnaf cake i drew. Also sorry for the thin peices of paper. You can see the drawings behind them. Those are for future ones and there not done so i thought i would finish them.

That's it for now! I hope you enjoyed! I'll try to post a J Crew chapter tomorrow! :3 Alright! Sorry for any misspells. Bye!!

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