You killed me.
You killed me. fear stories

katxrinv i dont know what im doing
Autoplay OFF   •   3 years ago
a poem about someone i once loved

You killed me.

You killed me.

You reached your cold dead hand into my chest

And slowly dragged out my spirit.

Now I’m drifting around

Searching for something that cannot be found

You have taken something from me that can never be given back

And for that I resent you

I loathe you

You are the catalyst for all of my problems

You have ruined me

Left me to find the pieces myself

Trying to put together a being that aches for normalcy

Worst of all you didn’t do it on purpose

You tried to fill the void in your chest

But it never worked

Which is why I vow to never bear any children

Out of fear of doing the same to them.

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