The Lost Fight
The Lost Fight feelings stories

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The Lost Fight

Finish doing my hair, finish doing my eyes Ready for the night without a single question of why

In the car I go Why didn’t I know?

Late afternoon, Late date Why did he show up late?

Do I look okay? Am I enough? Oh my gosh, he’s so buff.

Be calm, don’t be weird Why am I starting to feel fear?

It’s getting late and dark There’s no one left in this park

He’s coming on strong This is all going terribly wrong

Why does he have handcuffs? Oh my God, he’s being way too rough.

“Please no, Please stop” “Either there, or in this spot.”

Middle of nowhere we go Why doesn’t he hear my no?

Terrified as can be He doesn’t seem to care if I weep

He is finally done and satisfied I feel like I have died

How many girls have come before me? I died a little more when he said “thirty-three”

Morality doesn’t even seem real anymore He laughed when I told him he was my number four.

To this day, I hate you with all my might Because for the first time in my life, I lost the fight.

- Kattastrophe ©

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