Oh, God please
Oh, God please infertility stories

kattastrophe feelings writer
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The cries of a woman who suffers with infertility.

Oh, God please

My heart hurts

Oh God, my heart hurts

What forgiveness do I need to ask

For you to bless me at last

You know my heart's desire

You know my heart's pain

You have the power to make it all go away

Oh, you have the power.

Do I deserve this curse

Do I deserve nothing at all

What lesson do I need to learn

What mountain do I need to climb

What sea do I need to cross

What bridge do I need to build

Oh God, please tell me

Oh, please tell me

My heart hurts

My arms are empty

There are no tears left to cry

Oh God, please

Please, bless me.

- Kattastophe ©

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