Little Sprout
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kattastrophe feelings writer
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A poem about friendships and the highs and lows.

Little Sprout

Beautiful little sprout, happy little bloom

I'm so glad that I met you

Growing, aging, wiser I assume

I hope to never be without you

Little sprout, you're no longer the same

Are you no longer interested in what I say?

Little sprout, you're so full of seeds

I promise that I'm more than what you see

Little sprout, you're not so little anymore

I'm sorry, please forgive me for this war

I miss you, and love you, please come back

I'm sorry that I'm only part of the dandelion pack

Sprout, you have grown so many thorns

You've hurt me bad, I'm completely torn

Even though the wind has taken me away

I wish you the best, I wish I could have stayed

Please do this one thing for me

Please remember our days beneath the trees

Little sprouts all that we were

And friends for always and eternity

- Kattastrophe (c)

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