An ode to a tree

                  An ode to a tree peach stories

katshten Community member
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A short poem dedicated to the peach tree in my backyard at home!

An ode to a tree

I miss the lone peach tree in the backyard, The one that blossoms twice year, But whose fruit we never get to eat.

Nevertheless, standing tall amongst the giant pine trees, sometimes covered in pine needles, Dry and brown, Weary, like you're carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders, You paint a picture of calm.

Weathering all the forces of nature, summer and winter, Rain, hail or shine, Every year without fail, You come alive with a cheery burst of pink.

Moving from autumn to winter, Winter to spring, Bringing a childish fervour in our hearts, Leaving us in awe, And giving us a fresh new lease of hope, For come what may, There will always be something Magical on the other side.

For this, I thank you!

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